There are two types of e-mail campaigns offered by Click Online Marketing™. Both use technologies that match your brand's image and are included in our e-mail marketing packages. Both are highly effective, and either of these should be used as part of a successful and ongoing marketing and branding strategy.

Custom E-mail Templates
(Designed and developed for each campaign)

These are highly customised templates that result in high-impact campaigns. They are basically "mini websites". Beginning with an approved template, provided content and images, the entire HTML e-mail is re-designed to develop a professional looking "brochure-like" email communication. There are no real limitations of this type of campaign. Many companies use these custom email campaigns to promote special offers, new products and services, important announcements, etc. Most importantly, these emails keep your brand and offerings in front of your customers, increasing the chance of converting them significantly

Editable E-mail Templates
(Do it yourself)

These campaigns also work with a custom designed template, however the template is more limited in its look and feel. Such designs need to allow "free form fields" to add text, images and modify buttons/links. They usually consist of a top and bottom footer matching your brand identity as well as pre-defined areas to add links, images and text content. This is a great option for fast communications, announcements and regular newsletters to your clients, members and prospective customers.