Some of our other services include the following:


e-commerce is a crucial component to any sales and marketing strategy. Click Online Marketing™ can offer clients an advanced way to conduct business online which is completely customised to meet your business needs. Conducting business online provides a passive income source and keeps your business open 24/7. As a progressive business you must adapt to your customers changing purchasing habits. The Click Online Marketing™ team has extensive experience in developing, implementing and managing e-commerce projects of all sizes.

Website Statistics and Reporting

This product allows you to collate a huge amount of invaluable data about the users and their behaviour on your website. Unique users are tracked so you can monitor how many visitors you receive, what pages they visit, how long they spend on each page, how they get to your website, how they exit and much, much more.

Website Database Development

Click Online Marketing™ build web databases as part of large scale projects. We will listen to your needs and develop a website "back-end" that will help your business succeed. Our designers and programmers can produce a variety of reliable and efficient databases.

Email Campaign Statistics & Reporting

For each email campaign you send, you can see exactly how many people opened their email, how many people unsubscribed, which links they clicked, email forwarding statistics and more. An invaluable tool for monitoring the effectiveness of your online campaign.

Print Design

Create consistency and branding in all your communications and marketing messages. Click Online Marketing™ combine design and marketing expertise to create and build your business identity. We can create: Business cards, Brochures, Advertising, Newsletters, Reports, Proposals, Letterheads and all other forms of print artwork.

Web Design & Creative Solutions Development

Click Online Marketing™ process begins with listening to your needs and establishing your goals. We then develop a creative strategy that carefully considers your objectives, budget and deadline. Throughout the process, our team will deliver smart thinking, sound strategy and solid creative concepts that will make your business stand out from the crowd!

Optimised Mobile Devices Applications

Click Online Marketing™ provides optimised websites for mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and PDAs. Customers are now using mobile phones to research products and compare prices or to make purchases online. The increased use of this technology makes it crucial for your website to open instantly and display clearly on mobile devices. It also allows your business to engage with your customers as they move around.

Corporate Identity / Logo Design

In a world saturated with brand after brand after brand, your business needs a logo that will break through the clutter and stand alone, for all to see. Our team of graphic designers have produced some of the most inspiring and creative logos around, from small business to corporate identity. You receive full ownership of your new logo and our 100% guarantee that we will continue to revise your design until your are satisfied.